About Us

Hong Kong Ships’ Fumigation Co. Limited was founded in 1980, won the Port Medical and Health Department and approved by the Department of Environmental Protection issued by Australia (AQIS), United States (USDA), (APHIS) and the EU member states approved fumigation destroy epidemic certificate, handling of containers, ships, trains and quarantine fumigation and air cargo off the epidemic (Fumigation) services.

The company will provide an environmental assessment report submissions, proposals and quotations, and can be a variety of combinations or contract basis to serve you. For your yacht, cruise, home, office, plant and warehouse, etc. for termite control, rodent fleas, wood-boring insects, wood fungus and other issues to provide a range of pest control services to ensure the health of living or working environment.

Part of the company fumigation technician obtain professional diploma of the University of Florida in the United States, the Pest Control Association of New South Wales, Australia and the United Kingdom. The selection of quality and security for foreign imports Pharmacy, all of Pharmacy were registered and recognized by the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Pest control procedure is harmless to humans and animals, but that will not pollute the surrounding environment. We choose the quality and safety of special agents, and dedication to reach your goal repel pests.

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